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My name is Antonio Pedroni, I’m a civil engineer and I work mainly in the house design in Parma and surrounding areas, in particular I work to sustainable design and construction.

Today it is used for construction projects in general and in particular for what concerns the design of houses many terms such as sustainable architecture , sustainable design, green architecture , greenbuilding , terms often abused, not always understood from those who would like to live in a house built with ecological or sustainable criteria, used in a manner not entirely conscious and sometimes poorly understood even by the same technicians.

sustainable residential design

First of all I would like to express a personal opinion. Building a sustainable home does not mean building a house only with so-called “natural materials”, a sustainable home is a home that meets various criteria, summarized for example in the definition of it from the ANIT reported a few lines below. Paradoxically a house could be built entirely with materials, “natural”, but incorrectly oriented with respect to the cardinal points or the natural obstacles, with masses and transmittances mismatched, with a structure that works seismically incorrectly, using natural materials but of uncertain origin and so on, and thus be “unsustainable.”

Sustainability applied to building the ‘ ANIT from this definition: “the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.” So we can understand sustainability applied to building a building which limits its environmental impact to a minimum because the natural resources and space that we have are not infinite and it is unnecessary and harmful, as well as uneconomic waste them. Respect for the land and the restriction to a minimum waste of resources to build or renovate everything is to our advantage. The motto today is so fashionable “we must save the planet” reflecting good does not make much sense, perhaps it would be better to say that “we must save the man from himselve.” The earth in a few million years from now, as there is no longer the man, will erased all traces of our passage and all the pollution that we have produced in a few years after the industrial revolution, but if we do not respect us and do not respect the territory in which we live we can self-inflict a lot of damage that will weigh especially on future generations.

That is why today is important and necessary for each technician to take care of designing buildings, design houses or building in a sustainable way. Our study is especially concerned with the design residences in Parma, trying to implement this mission in the most sustainable way possible. Long-term sustainability means maintaining an environment that does not become hostile to man in the coming years, but also and especially save money on utility bills.

A house built with sustainability criteria, is a house that basically consumes little energy. With some devices you can get not only the famous Class A (according to the energy certification in Emilia Romagna is a house that consumes less than 25 kWh/m2 per year), but also construct buildings that in winter and in summer do not spend almost nothing for their climatization.

To know what we are dealing with as well as house design in Parma and its surroundings, in the study of Fidenza (PR) you can read all our services on this page

You can find the study in Fidenza (PR) in Via Cavour 112 (end of Via Cavour near the Cathedral of Fidenza (PR)), for all contact details please visit the page contacts .

Contact us without any commitment to realize your projects in residential or not in a sustainable way, in Parma, Fidenza, Forte dei Marmi or wherever you want.

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